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Discover Proven Solutions To Live A Happier, More Creative Lifestyle, Experience More Freedom, Build Stronger Relationships & More!
33+ Experts Reveal Their Proven Strategies And Processes To Help Them Live Happier, More Creative Lives... And How You Can Too!
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Discover Proven Solutions To Live A Happier, More Creative Lifestyle, Experience More Freedom, Build Stronger Relationships & More!
33+ Experts Reveal Their Proven Strategies And Processes To Help Them Live Happier, More Creative Lives... And How You Can Too!
The FREE Virtual Summit Starts September 2, 2021
You can't afford to miss this one!
Simply enter your first name and primary email below to register free.
Get full access for free to all event presentations during the Virtual Summit Launch!
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Are You Finally Ready To Level Up In Self-Hypnosis?
Our 33+ Self-Hypnosis Experts Will Teach You How To...
Feel More Self-Control & Alignment
You don’t need to risk strenuous thought when you have the blueprint to success that will help you get there with a sense of confidence.
Experience More Freedom
With the right tools YOU CAN experience with ease and all without stress. 
Leverage The Expertise Of Our Presenters To Build Stronger Relationships
Are you ready for tighter bonds with friends and family to help you build stronger relationships? If you want to avoid being perceived as being pushy, then you’re in the right place!
Live A Happier, More Creative Life
Even if you believe that you’ve tried everything and you’ve lost faith in the “meditation enthusiasts” solutions out there, you no longer have to worry about feeling lost. Success can be yours even if you've bought all the self-meditation programs you can find.
Have Value For The World
You may have realized that you’ve been feeling fearful because you haven’t found another way yet.  Well, you’re about to get the keys to help change the game.
Contribute Value To The World
There’s no better way to accomplish this than with compassion. Learn how to do this simply and effectively without judgment in the process.
And if that wasn’t enough, the wisdom that could be yours in just moments from now will pride you with the exact processes and strategies to...
Finally tune in and connect with your soul
Quickly get in alignment with your higher mind
lovingly help others find their true selves
And so much more!
Confidently find and use energy when you need it
Easily learn self-meditation techniques to focus your mind and effectively access your heart power (which is the key to more love and joy in your life)
Meet Your Summit Host - Carmelle Riley
Carmelle is a change-work coach, astrologer, quantum touch practitioner, sound-healer, crystal guide and business owner who supports people with powerful change work. She loves to work with deep hypnosis and connecting her clients to the unlimited power of their mind, body intelligence and life-force energy. She's passionate about spirituality and our journey as spiritual beings in a human vessel.
Here's What You'll Learn
...From  Our World-Class Experts And Consultants!
Carmelle Riley

How You Can Find An Instant Soul Connection Through Meditation 

Discover powerful instant meditation and 'tune-in' techniques that will connect you to your soul. You can use this to restore your sense of wholeness and move past fear, anxiety and past trauma. 
Georgia Vavasour

How To Meditate When You Have No Time And Can't See How Meditation Can Help You

Obliterate confusion and junky-meditations to master the principles of meditation quickly and easily. Mastery meditation programs will ignite your self-practice and assist you to change your life.
Robert Grigore

Meditations That Can Make You Both Mindful & Super Conscious

Overcome mass stereotypes and use powerful self-hypnosis to become both mindful and super conscious. Life can improve with your new positive thoughts and feelings.
Romy Harney

Meditations To Relieve Your Brain And Zap Away Anxiety

Find peace using this modern brain blitz meditation. Grow your MIND-BRAIN to reduce anxiety, bring-in calm and ensure centeredness no matter what is happening around you.
Clifford Starks

Redesign Your Limiting Beliefs And Beat Sabotaging Life Patterns

Don't let self-sabotage and fear rule your life. Transform limiting patterns into NEW unlimited beliefs and build unconscious power, to fuel your wildest dreams and expectations.
Monique Toonen

Find The Secret In Your Emotions And Guide Your Actions With Your Feelings 

Learn about the electro-magnetic composition of emotions to disrupt both limiting beliefs and the attached negative emotions in your body. Choose to both think and feel better.
Lindalee and Ron Davis

How You Can Build Intimacy And Connect More Deeply With Your Partner

Are you and your partner struggling to maintain intimacy and connection? Learn how to deeply connect and use meditation techniques to improve all of your intimate relationships.
Hiria Te Amo

A Mind Switch-To-Belly-Feel Practice For Power, Balance & Connection

Move from feeling lost, alone, and disconnected to finding deep ancestral linkages that you will want to share with others.
Dr. Tess Moeke-Maxwell

Your Instant Soul Connection To Inner Peace

Why the practice of finding inner peace is so important for you and how you can overcome any obstacle in your life when you look to the answers within and around you.
Carmelle Riley 

Build Your Own Aroha [Love] Bomb To Reconnect With Unconditional Love

Learn how to tap into the energy of unconditional love (+550hertz) to create a powerful LOVE field that you can use to heal yourself and the world around you.
Shane Coley

The Rapid Recode: Transform Your Personal Power 

Never feel frustrated with or without power again as you stop blaming others. Step into the power of your being as you cut the chord on YOUR own toxic thinking and become a vibrant creator.
Shakanna Lauer

How To Let Go Of Deep Grief With Meditation

The death of a loved one is very painful but you can forge pathways to bring relief and hope. Channel your grief into meditation and turn adversity into a legacy of inspiration for others.
Leila Lees 

Bring More Grounding Into Your Life Through New Earth Plant Medicine

There are infinite plant-remedies in nature waiting to be discovered by you. Discover nature-grounded meditations and practices to unleash the alchemist within. 
Karen Starkey

Grow Your Green Light: Meditations In Nature For Ancestral Healing Abilities

Meditate in nature to uncover ancient ways and ancestral linkages that you can use to grow your wisdom, healing and connection with tribal power. Expand into the we and past the little me. 
Lyndall McQuinn

Become More Grounded Using Shamanic Magical Meditations

Don't let past family trauma, child imprints and intergenerational disconnection prevent you from finding the magic in your ancestral heritage. Discover your gifts with shamanic meditation.
Isobel Baxter 

Share Your Light With Daily Meditations That Will Raise The Vibration Of Social Media 

Be the transformation you seek in the world as a social media guardian and influencer. Raise the SM vibe with positive messages that will build a tribe of enlightened fans & followers.
Dorotka Wisniewski

Your Guide To Embody Daily Vitality And Slow The Ageing Process

Daily embodiment and energy practices that will shift you from loss, lack of confidence, no voice or purpose to alignment with your inner vitality. Prepare to bathe in the fountain of youth.
Cherie Day

How To Up-level Your Wellness Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually And Financially

Embrace your wellness. Work through the realms of the physical body, the mental body, your spiritual and finance being and experience a new state of holistic wellness.
Shekinah Ma

Eliminate The Root Of Any Addiction: Allow Yourself To Receive More Joy & Beauty

Your life journey is not limited by your next quickest FIX. Break the cycle of addiction with powerful restorative natural meditations that can restore happiness and satisfaction - the beauty way.
Marcia Montgomery

The Energy Miracle: How You Can Shift From A Low Energy State To Feeling Alive Again

The Energy Miracle is an active breath meditation that can help you to feel alive again. Learn how to tap into unlimited energy sources to transform depression or any other negative state
Geeta Sidhu-Robb

Change Your Body Conversation To Build Self-Worth And Lost The Pounds For Good

Your body is the most intimate expression of limiting and repetitive thoughts and feelings. Activate a new positive body conversation and watch how quickly your dream body unfolds.
Dr. Heidi Douglas

Mindful Eating Practices That Will Build Your Best Healthy Body One Bite At A Time

Mindfulness eating can shift you into a naturally healthy relationship with your body. Learn how meditation can form a healthy conversation that is right for your lifestyle and your body.
Tiffany Zapico 

A Passion Practice That Will Make You Look And Feel Simply Amazing

Beat burnout and regain your passion. You can easily shift from being the woman who is barely surviving to the Passionista who is loving her life and thriving body, mind and soul.
Jill Scammell 

Transform Pain & Suffering By Blessing Your Energy (Chakra) Centers

Are you suffering with pain or just want relief from negative thinking? Learn about the power of your energy centers and how to release resistance in the body, mind and soul.
Karyn'a Sh'a

Heart Opening Resonance For Awakening, Healing And Greater Presence

Chanting and toning are powerful meditation practices that can be used to recalibrate your vibration. Use your own healing to awaken the great creator within.
Ashleigh F. Torres

Create Your Own Happiness With The Ultimate Flow

Happiness is a state that is always available to you, especially as you develop a happiness mindset. Use meditation and uplifting daily practices that build and create more flow.
Sally Gray

Your Meditation Guide To Fuel Your True Purpose & Passion In Life

You can easily shift your mindset through mediation to find your purpose in life. Find a path to align your intuition with your desires and unleash a continuous flow of creation and passion.
Crystal B

Why Past-Life Regression Meditations Are So Cool And Important For Your Self-Growth

Past life regression; your guide to fully understand karmic influences through deep restorative mediation. Learn and break free of past barriers with your planetary influences.
Crystal B

More Flow In Your Personal Moon Skin With Mindful Predictive Astrology

Discover more about emotions, intuition and your personal moon-skin. Learn how to use meditation, along with predictive and mindful astrology one moon phase at a time.
Lesley Nase (SA)

Heart Opening Meditations That Will Build Intuition And Deep Connection With Your Pets

Meditations that will deeply connect you with any animal, especially your pet. Learn to intuitively heal and communicate with your pet and build inner resilience and fortitude.
Nick Poa

Finding Enlightenment And Awakening Into Your Natural Divinity

Learn and tap into your higher mind to awaken your natural state of divinity. Learn how to work with ascended presence in the now and access multi-dimensional perspectives.
Michael Coyne

Dream Time Now: How You Can Hack Your Dreams For A Happier Life

Learn about dreaming and dream-time by exploring dream weaving (including liminal and lucid dreaming). Apply highly imaginative dream-work to craft a more pleasing material experience.
Nigel Slaughter 

Travelling In Your Mind To Places Outside Your Imagination

Beware, this is serious fun! Learn a meditation practice adapted from US military spy training that targets your inner preceptory powers to remote view or achieve bi-location awareness. 
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Time Saving, Expense Free Education
Bypass long lines waiting airport lines, skip past checking into overpriced, unsanitary hotel rooms and spend less time away from your family. With our time saving, expense free education platform, you can learn effortlessly without having to travel.
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Time is a more valuable commodity than money in the modern economy. You can stop wasting hours researching, testing and figuring it out on your own. Now you can learn online directly from the experts without missing a beat at the office or at home!
High Quality Educational Expert Resources
There is no substitute for high quality educational resources that allow you to connect with our experts through presentations that foster easy to understand tactics and strategies engineered to help you achieve maximum results.
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The 4-day digital event consists of 33+ world-class meditation enthusiasts and experts who are sharing their inside secrets, tactics, and strategies on enjoying a new sense of freedom and ease.

Are travel accommodations required to attend?
No! The Meditation Mastery Summit is an online virtual event you attend from any location using any device when your schedule permits. Our expert interviews and presentations are available for free on the day they launch for the summit to anyone who has claimed their free pass. Access links are emailed each day of the summit for the presentations going live that day.

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Registration for the Meditation Mastery Summit is currently free. Once registration has been confirmed, your access links will be emailed each day of the summit for the training sessions going live on that day. Each training session remains available for 24 hours from 9am EST - 9am EST the following day, after which, those sessions are moved to the Meditation Mastery Summit VIP Access Pass Holder Member’s Area. If you think you might miss any of these vitally important training sessions, you may want to consider securing access to the recordings, professional notes, and amazing bonuses.  You'll see the VIP Pass Offer after you register for your free pass above.

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Each training session can be accessed by Free Pass holders for up to 24 hours each day of the summit. This allows you to maintain your life and still find time to catch each of these amazing presentations. You may also elect to upgrade your Free Pass to a VIP All-Access Pass which will grant lifetime access to all summit presentations at a low introductory price to help empower you to take action on what you'll learn!

Do you have a refund policy for your VIP All-Access Pass?
We are so confident you will love Meditation Mastery Summit All-Access Pass and all the amazing value it contains, we offer a full 100% refund of your purchase, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, for up to 90 FULL DAYS! How’s that for a guarantee!?
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